The AquaTec SAM™  Advantage

Competitors’ Submersible AeratorCompetitors’ Submersible AeratorCompetitors’ Submersible AeratorCompetitors’ Submersible AeratorCompetitors’ Submersible AeratorCompetitors’ Submersible AeratorCompetitor's Submersible Aerator
   Beginning from the very bottom, the competitors’ units have inadequacies and disadvanta
Beginning from the very bottom, the competitors’ units have inadequacies and disadvantages:
AquaTec SAM (Submersible Aerator-Mixer)
From the bottom up, the advantages stack up in favor of the AquaTec SAM™:

AquaTec SAM
•    The base consists of only small support feet, suitable for installation ONLY in a hardened basin and subjecting the impeller to ingestion of bottom objects.

•    The impeller has a tall conical design and a large gap between the impeller and volute, sacrificing mixing power and the shear of air bubbles at the point of air introduction.

•    The competitor's gearboxes are double reduction helical units which have a typical efficiency of 90% and a lower tolerance for shock loading than planetary gear reducers.  The helical reducer transmits only 27,500 ft/lb per second.

•    The competitor's drive unit exposes the output shaft at the lower end of the gear reducer directly to the process liquids in the basin.

•    The competitor's drive unit employs a thermal switch in the motor winding to enable the controls to turn off the motor in case of overheating.

•    The competitor's drive units have NO ability to sense moisture in the gearmotor.  Your very first indication of a moisture problem could be complete loss of the drive.

•    The competitor's drive units are available to 50HP maximum, requiring additional units in basins requiring more mixing power and/or aeration.

•    The competitor's unit offers a lifting bail requiring the entire mass of the unit, power cable, and air hose to be hoisted by the end of the motor and through the gear reducer.

•    The competitor's offer units which are unable to perform mixing without aeration in sizes from 5HP to 50HP, and all other sizes are derated for mixing-only duty.

•    The competitor's units must operate at depths of 4M for smaller units and 8M for sizes above 40HP.
•    The AquaTec SAM™ has a full circular base suitable for installation in any tank, basin, or lagoon.  The circular base also helps prevent erosion of soft footings.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ uses a large diameter close tolerance impeller which provides substantial pumping action, providing improved shear and mixing of the air delivered to the unit.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ employs a heavy duty, high efficiency  planetary gear reducer with a significantly greater tolerance of shock loading.  The SAM gear reducer can transmit power up to 41,250 ft/lb per second (737 ft/lb continuous).

•     The AquaTec SAM™ includes a secondary, redundant seal and secondary, redundant oil chamber to isolate the reducer completely from liquids in the basin.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ offers multiple thermal sensors which allow the controls to either reduce load to provide cooling while maintaining mixing and aeration, or shut off the motor.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ includes a moisture sensor in the drive unit to help prevent catastrophic failure of the gear reducer and motor in the event of moisture intrusion.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ is available to 75HP, allowing mixing and aeration suitability with a single unit in basins requiring more mixing power than the competition.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ has a robust retrieval system connected to the machine base to safely support the full load of hoisting, including the cables and hoses. 

•    The AquaTec SAM™ includes a standard pre-programmed solid state electronic control to maintain constant power under all ranges of mixing or aeration conditions.

•    The AquaTec SAM™ can operate at minimum depths of 78" (less than 2M) in all size ranges.


AquaTec SAM
The knockout punch...

The AquaTec SAM™ Submersible Aerator-Mixer is designed, engineered, fabricated, and assembled in the USA.  The AquaTec SAM™ uses a proven and robust Reliance Electric Duty Master™ submersible electric motor drive unit built in the USA.  The standard electronic solid state control and moisture detection controls are built in the USA.  All AquaTec SAM™ units are supplied with fully synthetic gear and seal case lubricants.

Special units can be constructed for duty in higher temperature applications and up to 150HP with torque ratings to over 95,000 ft/lb per second (over 1,250 ft/lb continuous).

AquaTec maintains an inventory of repair and replacement parts and supplies for rapid delivery and maximum uptime. 

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